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darling heart

i've loved you from the start

29 May
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"stay in the car!", 'muldeeeeeer!', abusing capslock privileges, angel *brood brood brood*, angel/cordelia, bernard black's bookshop, billie piper's everything, british comedy, californication, certain white house staffers, chandler bing type sarcasm, chuck bartowski/me, damian lewis, david tennant geeking out, do me duchovny, doctor who, dylan moran's irish face, ed westwick being british, everything hamish blake says, fanfiction, fangirling sam seaborn, frank woodley's socks, gwen cooper's badassery, hank moody, harry potter, hearing matthew macfadyen speak, james mcavoy's utter existence, jane austen, joshua lyman's harvard-educated brain, moulin rouge, mulder/scully, mulderisms, murray gold's musical genius, peter carlisle's oral fixation, picspamming that shit, pretty men with accents, pride & prejudice, putting songs on repeat, remus lupin's loveliness, robert and val's interviews, robert downey jr, rose motherfucking tyler, sam/ainsley, the national's lyrics, the west wing, the x-files, tim burton, toby ziegler's beard